Classifieds Instructions

The following instructions will allow you to place a free ad in the Classifieds.

1. Go here to place an ad:
2. Select the Place Ad link.
3. Complete the form and press the Continue button to include images.
4. Include up to 3 images on your ad. Images must be at least 640px wide and no more than 600kb in file size.
5. Note that your ads will remain on the site for 14 days.
6. You’ll receive an email with the ad details and an ad access key used for editing the ad. Please save this email for editing or removing the ad.

To edit your existing ad go to and enter your email address and the ad access key that was sent to you when you submitted the ad. If you don’t know the ad access key, click on the Resend Ad Access Key link, add your email address and press Continue. When you receive the email with your access key use it to edit your ads. It is up to you to delete your own ad or change any of the information in the ad.

All ads are subject to the discretion of the administrator before they will be displayed on the site. Excessive posting of the same ad will win you no points with the administrators. Posting similar ads in multiple or the wrong categories will also lead to your ads not showing up on the site. Please read the terms of service for more details:

Ads placed in the Classifieds will not automatically be posted to any of the community email lists (Landertalk, Rivertontalk, Duboistalk), likewise postings to the email lists will not be listed in the Classifieds.

Thank you for using the Classifieds!