Hot Tub Chemicals

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$ 45.00

We’ve got a box of Spa Chemicals for sale. List of what’s included below:
-SpaGuard chlorinating Concentrate (about 1/3 of a 5lb jug left)
-LeisureTime Brominating Granular 1.75 lbs- full
- Water Clarifier 1 pint (about 1/2 bottle left)
-SpaGuard Anti Foam 2x 8oz bottles(1 full bottle and one 1/2 bottle left)
- SpaGuard ph Decreaser 1 lb 6 oz (full bottle)
-SpaGuard ph Increaser 1.12lbs (1/3 bottle left)
- Spa Choice Brominating Tabs 2x 1.5 lbs bottles (both 3/4 full)
- SpaGuard oxidizer Enhanced Shock 2lb bottle (about 1/5 left)
- test strips (about 25 strips left)

Will not separate. Located in Lander! Text, call or email to pick up.

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