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06/03/2019 11:58 am  

Fresh California Fruit is coming to Lander in April! You can order your 20 lb box of fresh oranges, clementines, grapefruits, or a mix of all. Here is a breakdown of the cost: 

Oranges: $26 per box, Grapefruit: $26 per box, Clementines: $38 per box, Mix of all: $30 per box 

You can order as many boxes as you like, but please place your order by March 17 to ensure your order gets on the truck. Delivery should arrive in Lander by early to mid April. This fruit sale supports the youth group of Holy Rosary Catholic Church, so please contact with more questions or to place your order! 

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27/03/2019 3:58 pm  

The order deadline has been extended to April 1.  This is what we have left. Please help us to sell out!

Please contact: Contact Renee Stong @ or 1-912-675-5189.  

20# @ $26 Oranges: 6  
20# @ $26Grapefruit: 1.5 
20# @ $38 Clementies: 2.5 
20# @ $30 Mixed Box:  2


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