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Frozen Water Lines!...
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Frozen Water Lines!!

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See a couple of listing for frozen water lines lately and if you live in Wyoming you should by now know to leave your water run the size of a no. 2 lead pencil in the sink or tub furthest from where your water line comes into your house or Mobile home.  Yes, even houses freeze up in the winter when it gets warm then turns cold and then warms back up then turns cold again..  People who live in Mobile homes have already figured this out from experience with cold weather.  Water does not freeze up if it is moving, as well as it does actually create heat in your sewer lines so they do not freeze up too.  Don't wait until your water is frozen then expect it to be a 15 minute job getting it unfrozen.  Remember to keep a trickle of water running into a sink or tub when it is this cold of temperatures outside!!!!!!!!!