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Go fund me link in ...
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Go fund me link in Memory of Holly Banks

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Hey guys.
I recently lost a friend in horrific accident, leaving behind her children that deserve all the love and support they can get!

For anyone who knew Holly Banks, I’ve attached a link to this post for a GoFund Me page that will go towards supporting her son, Anakin (age 5) & her daughter, Kaydence (age 13) through this difficult time.

For anyone who doesn’t know Holly Banks, she had lived in Lander for a few years attending nursing school at CWC. We became friends due to our teen daughters inseparable friendship. 

Holly moved back to her hometown Ghorum, New Hampshire and after a year back home, her life was taken at just 29 years old.

Here is a link regarding the ongoing investigation looking into Holly’s case.

Below is the link for the GoFundMe account.

Thank you