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2007 Ford F-150 XL ...

2007 Ford F-150 XL Super-Cab Long Box For Sale  


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29/04/2018 6:01 pm  

I am putting my Very Well Maintained 2007 Ford F-150 XL Super Cab Long Box up for sale.  This truck has only 123,000 miles on it and has been pampered for much of its life.  It began its life as a backup truck for the City of Springville Utah's Animal Control Officer.  It was maintained on a fleet schedule and was also a NON-Smoking pickup as it still is today.  It has spent much of its life on the pavement and although used it was not abused.  I spent almost 2 years searching the internet for this truck in the condition it was in.   Exterior is Silver with Black trim, Interior is a slate color with cloth seats front & rear.  Has the very nice insulated head liner and the floor boards are covered with rubber so you can use a water hose to wash the inside out incase it becomes muddy.  Has Power windows Front & Rear, Tinted Windows,(very nice) AC that was serviced last year with a new High Pressure hose installed.  Air is quite cold just like it should be.  PS, PB, New tires, Newer Battery, Rhino Lined Bed, and Factory Running Boards.  5.7 liter V8 with the cooling system flushed last year, as well as the Transmission oil flushed with all new oil.  The truck was Professionally Detailed just before Christmas also.  This is just a very nice truck that comes with a Factory Towing and Heavy Payload Package for Hauling or Towing anything you can imagine.   GVWR for this truck is actually 8,200 lbs. and the F-250 is 8,600 lbs.  Super Nice Pickup, just tired of seeing it sit in front of my house.  I have owned it for 2 years now and have put just 1,000 miles on it, and would like to see someone be able to use it.  I intended to pull a camper with it and have since developed some health problems so traveling is now out of the question.  If you are looking for a good truck with lots of life left in it give me a Call at 307-921-3575 and you can come take a look at it.  NADA Retail is $11,600 dollars and I am asking $11,000 dollars.  You may find a cheaper pickup but you will not find a nicer one than this one.  Highway mileage runs about 19.5 - 19.8 MPG in Town it averages about 14.5 MPG.  Not all that bad for a 4X4.  Thanks Lander Talk.


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