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Old Style Troy-Bilt...
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Old Style Troy-Bilt Rear Tine Tiller for Sale

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I have a older Troy-Bilt rear tine tiller for sale.  I believe this is what they called the Horse Model.  It has a newer 8 HP engine, and I have a new OEM carburetor to fit the engine from the Factory.  It has the bumper guards on the front also.  The tines are in like new condition.  All new gear lube in cases.  Has original tires that look like new tread.  It was running 2 years ago when the carburetor was redone by Tony's Small Engine.  That is why I have the new OEM Carburetor to put on it.  New gas lines, although the Gas tank has a small seep in the plastic seam.  I have way over a thousand dollars in the machine and just want to sell it to someone who has a large garden or wants to start a tilling business.  The new Carburetor cost right at 100 dollars shipped. This machine is a true horse when running and will tear up some ground, in all 4 speeds.  It even has a reverse for backing it off of a trailer.   I am asking $600.00 dollars for the tiller and that is way less than 50% of what I have in the machine.  All it needs is the new carburetor put on to run again.  I have all of the Manuals that came with the machine, as well as the Factory repair manual.  If interested please give me a call at 307-335-5097 and leave a message with your phone number and I will give you a call back to give you the location so you can come look, at the machine.  This machine will make you some money doing custom tilling if you want to start a small business working it in the spring and fall of the year.