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Rinnai RL75i tankle...

Rinnai RL75i tankless water heater for sale  


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05/12/2018 12:52 pm  

I bought this water heater off of Lander talk a few weeks ago for my house only to learn it is not certified for a mobile home.  I did some research and contacted Rinnai with the serial number and they were good enough to let me know that the heater was manufactured in 2014.  So the heater is almost 5 years old and it is unknown how long it was hooked up.  They are supposed to have a life expectancy of 20+ years, if maintained regularly.  They suggest using distilled vinegar for descaling inside of the heater.  The heater new off Amazon is a little more than 1,120 dollars plus shipping.  I am just asking for what I bought it for which is 150 dollars.  About 15% of new price for a new heater that has 75-80% or more life left in it.  It comes with the direct vent pipe, pressure compensator, all of the installing manuals.  The heater was remove for a upgraded heater to supply a 2 family house instead of a 1 family house and was in very good working condition when removed.  If interested please call 307-921-3575 or reply to the e-mail.  This is a good deal, do not let it pass you up. 


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